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Bike night at Roosters

Posted in Biker stuff on June 29, 2009 by bayouphoto

Back at the end of May, Roosters, hosted a bike night. It was a bring your own beer and steak. They had a huge outdoor grill, that Thomas Monroe  made and even live music with Southern Breeze. It was a great night to party and socialize with friends. I had a great time and covered it for Thunder Roads Louisina magazine. The food was great and the music even better!roosters-1Camping is available for all eventsroosters-5Plenty of room under the 11,000 sq ft outdoor barroosters-11Use the communityt grill for cooking. That is Thomas Monroe on the left and Spotroosters-31Show off at the burnout pitroosters-44Southern Breeze on stageroosters-48Always good looking bikes and women. Check the evnt site often and I hope to see you there


Biker or Not

Posted in Biker stuff on June 29, 2009 by bayouphoto

With the rise of such sites as myspace and facebook, internet social networking is the latest big thing. Now I do use those to find a lot of my pretty girls I shoot for the magazine. But I miss some true adult socializing.

Back at the first Roosters rally I met some people from around West Monroe and the introduced me to a social networking site for bikers, Biker or Not, or BON for short.

It is a cool way to keep up with local rides and events, friends and other bikers from around the country.

You can post your rides, events, and bike nights. Start a social network of your own. You can post your photos and view the photos of your friends. Check it out and join today then make me a friend

You never know what will happen at the shop

Posted in Biker stuff on June 19, 2009 by bayouphoto

Working at my nephews Harley shop, Spot’s Cycles , has beena true joy. many friends come by and visit, it is the local biker hang out. We also have a lot of good looking biker girls come by making for interesting days.

One girl was Tracie, she came by with a friend Brad. Being the opportunist I am I asked if she would like to be the centerfold in Thunder Roads Louisiana. She said sure so I arranged a bike and a shoot.15b2c0740It is amazing how many girls I can convince to shoot with a bike. Just shows the power and mystique of the American legend.

Then yesterday my good friend Chuck was in the shop with his custom heritage and wanted a photo of a girl on it. Well in walks Tracie with her bikini.

_MG_7342-EditHe was blown away about how easily I could talk to these girls and get them to shoot what I wanted. My gift is they all love me. In three years of shooting bikes and girls I have only had one sour apple.

Thunder Roads Louisiana

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Back in January of 2008 I was in my nephews Harley shop and he had some copies of a little free biker magazine. I picked it up and the calendar page struck my eye. I had just started to shoot models on motorcycles and thought I could do that. I sent in some examples and the first to be accepted was this one on Rhonda Star on and oldd school chopperRhondaThings started to pick up and I had models willing to drive a considerable distance to be in it. Case in point Ami drove from Gulfport, Ms. to shoot.Ami NI skipped a month as it was hard to find bikes that fit the criteria for inclusion in the magazine. The next was a friends custom S&S softail. The model drove up from Lafayette to shoot.Fefe

The next time I was driving through town shooting another model when I spotted this chopper at Burger King. I turned around and went back, gave him my card, and told him to call me. he did but it was hard to find a model when he was available. His GF was a friend of mine and I convinced Nelwyn to pose, she was reluctant being 42. What do you thinkNelwynThen I caught a break and arranged for a really hot promo model from Jackson, Ms. and just so happened to have this fine ’58 Servi-car to shoot on.Jamie LeeI was finding that these internet models were very interested in being in a magazine, even if it was a little free statewide publication. I made getting models to travel to my little area even easier.

Next up I had the first two page centerfold ever done in the magazine. Cailin and a custom sporty rigid spot built for Billy Ogden.cailin

This next one was taken way back in the summer of 2008 but just got around to getting in. It is Destiny and an old school EVO rigid chopperDestiny

The people at Roosters event center were getting ready for the March rally and had built this custom bike to raffle off. They wanted some promo shot so I called a model from Clinton, Ms. and she came over late one Sunday evening. Princezz P.Princezz PAt the rescheduled Rooster rally, in April, I had two bikini models hired to pose on bikes for pay. I had told my friend Mike Gwin to bring his new bike by. It turned out to be the first double model centerfold. Kacee LaNell and Sweet Pea.Kacee and Sweet PeaI started working at my Nephews shop part time and Bailey Richardson came by to get his custom shovelhead worked on. I knew I had to shoot this bike but I needed a model. A friend brought a local girl by and I asked her if she wanted to do it. We went out to Roosters and the owner told me to shoot it in front of his house. I had the tub with me as I had this concept in mind. First one where the model is not physically touching the bike.Baby GirlI hope to have a few more this year as I have already sent two more in

Biker blog

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I was recently contacted by another biker photographer if he could use one of my photos in his blog. I said sure as long as I got credit. I read his blog, Observations of a biker-photographer and really liked it. Here is the link to the Victory post. If you like bikes and tails from the road it is a good one

Acer Aspire One

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Back in Feb. I went on a trip to the island of Utila. I have been to this tiny carribean island, off the coast of Honduras, before. While there it became apparrent I need a small lightweight laptop to offload photos edit and delete. When I came back I decided the small new type of laptops, called netbooks would be ideal. My local Wal-Mart carried the Acer Aspire One. I bought one not long after the became available with the 120 GB drive running Windows XP. I upped the memory to 1.5 GB of RAM, added and external card reader (although it has a built in one it does not read CF cards). 500 GB Passport external HD, small USB mouse and soon a slimline DVDR. it is perfect for email, surfing the web and offloading and viewing my photos. I did add Lightroom 2.3 so i could edit and print photos at events. it will not do heavy lig=fting of large photo files or run the magor phot editing software but it’s convenience and size make it ideal for me. My old Canon 20D has a very small LCD screen so it enables me to view the photos and keep or delte as I see fit, it fills this bill better than the photo storge devices such as the Epson P5000 and allows me to have a very capable computer also. It fits neatly in a camera bag or a saddlebag.¬† My nephew got him one but his is the newer 10″ screen model. That extra inch does make a difference it allows a full 4;3 ratio display and that is the native rsolution of my camera. All and all I am very pleased with it

Losing a friend

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BR JohnsonBack in Feb. I lost a very dear friend, BR(Beefman) Johnson. I met BR back in 1980 when I went to work for Hunt Exploration on a seismograph crew. my two nephews were already working for them. Soon after joining we moved to Brewton, Al. and since I had taken a liking to BR I asked him if he wanted to split a 2 bedroon duplex. We shared living space all over the south over the course of several years. After the oil bust in the mid 80’s BR went to work on a pipeline crew. Health problems forced him to retire so he started Hanging around my nephews motorcycle shop. He had always wanted a bike so Spot put an 80″ shovelhead engine on an early softail frame.BR's bikeIt was even featured in Thunder Roads Louisiana magazine.

BR only put about 100 miles on it before passing away very suddenly. We were all saddened. His closest friends and bikers were his pall bearers. Steve(Zeke) Brown, Mike(Spot Weems), Thomas(Moose) Smith, Michael Ed Temple and me.

I miss him and always will. He was one of a kind and put up with many of my antics and quirks without ever complaining. Even the time I shot a hole in his car floorboard, but that is another story

RIP my old friend I will see you soon