Acer Aspire One

Back in Feb. I went on a trip to the island of Utila. I have been to this tiny carribean island, off the coast of Honduras, before. While there it became apparrent I need a small lightweight laptop to offload photos edit and delete. When I came back I decided the small new type of laptops, called netbooks would be ideal. My local Wal-Mart carried the Acer Aspire One. I bought one not long after the became available with the 120 GB drive running Windows XP. I upped the memory to 1.5 GB of RAM, added and external card reader (although it has a built in one it does not read CF cards). 500 GB Passport external HD, small USB mouse and soon a slimline DVDR. it is perfect for email, surfing the web and offloading and viewing my photos. I did add Lightroom 2.3 so i could edit and print photos at events. it will not do heavy lig=fting of large photo files or run the magor phot editing software but it’s convenience and size make it ideal for me. My old Canon 20D has a very small LCD screen so it enables me to view the photos and keep or delte as I see fit, it fills this bill better than the photo storge devices such as the Epson P5000 and allows me to have a very capable computer also. It fits neatly in a camera bag or a saddlebag.  My nephew got him one but his is the newer 10″ screen model. That extra inch does make a difference it allows a full 4;3 ratio display and that is the native rsolution of my camera. All and all I am very pleased with it


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