Losing a friend

BR JohnsonBack in Feb. I lost a very dear friend, BR(Beefman) Johnson. I met BR back in 1980 when I went to work for Hunt Exploration on a seismograph crew. my two nephews were already working for them. Soon after joining we moved to Brewton, Al. and since I had taken a liking to BR I asked him if he wanted to split a 2 bedroon duplex. We shared living space all over the south over the course of several years. After the oil bust in the mid 80’s BR went to work on a pipeline crew. Health problems forced him to retire so he started Hanging around my nephews motorcycle shop. He had always wanted a bike so Spot put an 80″ shovelhead engine on an early softail frame.BR's bikeIt was even featured in Thunder Roads Louisiana magazine.

BR only put about 100 miles on it before passing away very suddenly. We were all saddened. His closest friends and bikers were his pall bearers. Steve(Zeke) Brown, Mike(Spot Weems), Thomas(Moose) Smith, Michael Ed Temple and me.

I miss him and always will. He was one of a kind and put up with many of my antics and quirks without ever complaining. Even the time I shot a hole in his car floorboard, but that is another story

RIP my old friend I will see you soon


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