Only in Louisiana

Louisiana has been known for it’s politics and political characters since the days of Huey P. Long till Edwin Edwards. But I don’t think anything has prepared our residents for the race between David Vitter and possible candidate Stormy Daniels_MG_7527Stormy is an ex porn star and has re established her residence in La. for a possible congressional run.

When we had our 4th of July party she, her entourage and all the media showed up to jump through hoops for her. Now not one word was said about her past but Vitter’s indiscretions are being trashed in the media.

She did her interviews_MG_7533made a small speech_MG_7551Looked good for the camera. Then she posed with a few of my friends_MG_7554_MG_7557_MG_7558I don’t know about you but to me it takes more than a pretty face, a large chest and the ability to have sex on camera to warrant my vote for congress

Just shows what our society has come to

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