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Pleasant surprise

Posted in Biker stuff on September 21, 2009 by bayouphoto

When people contact me,telling me they have a bike, for Thunder Roads magazine I am always skeptical. What the owner calls custom and what the publisher wants are two different things. That is the main reason I like to find the bikes and see them myself. However sometimes you get a pleasant surprise.

Case in point: a friend, from Biker or not, sent me a small cell phone photo or her friends bike. I could not tell much from the photo and it would be a 4 hour drive for him to bring the bike to me. I decided to give it a try and arranged for a model.

I told him to be here around 3 PM and he was here at 11 AM . The bike was way beyond my expectations. We carried it up to the lake, yeah I need to get a new location, and shot some outstanding photos of it. It was not the best light being very overcast. Toward the end of the session the sky cleaed and a little sun shone through._MG_8549-Edit_MG_8552-Edit_MG_8563-EditThe engine is a stock Harley 80″ EVO but the frame is handmade along with the custom rear fender. It is a 2007 Weeze cutom really a one of a kind bike. The model is kay a friend of mine


Photo shoot

Posted in Biker stuff on September 17, 2009 by bayouphoto

More women are wanting me to shoot them on their ol’ mans bike than ever before. two of the girls from where I get my hair cut asked if I would take photos of them. One wanted them for her BF and the other as an anniversary gift for her husband. Not that I am complaining but it just seems odd so many are doing it.

The first is Kay, I have known her since she was a small child. She is the step daughter of the best friend I have in this world._MG_8310-EditShe was always very good looking and is even better with age._MG_8332-EditShe said her BF Liked the “Booty” shots_MG_8348-Editand this is one of my top 5 bike photos of all time_MG_8327-EditSarah wanted some for her Husband and to show the kids what Mom used to look like when they get grown_MG_8335-Edit_MG_8366-Editand this one is one of my favorite photos_MG_8379-EditAll photos were taken at Poverty Point reservoir north of Delhi, La

Bikers and technology

Posted in Rants on September 14, 2009 by bayouphoto

Way back when Cell phones, PC’s and GPS’ started coming out I could never have envisioned the use we would have today. I mean we use cell phones every day we text and keep track of each other constantly. This can be both good and bad. We use GPS’s to tell us where to go and how to get there, we even have cell phones with that function built in. And have you looked at the 360 degree down the road camera footage on google maps? I want to know who did it and how long it took. Sometimes this stuff is scary. I looked up the motorcycle shop and when they went by a bunch of the guys were outside and you can zoom in and tell who they are.

It really hit me today. During the Saints game my nephew and our friend Murphy both had laptops out, sitting on the couch, and surfing. We have a wireless network set up at the house. I think they were messaging each other. LOL

We have all become technology dependent and I am not sure that is a good thing( I am sitting her doing this on a high powered desktop with 2 GB RAM and 3 TB’s of storage looking at a 27″ LCD monitor with another 22″ monitor with FM.1 radio playing blues through my Altec Lansing 5 speaker surround sound system. I have a netbook over by the bed in case I want to surf while laying down. I have a cordless mouse and keyboard so I can sit in my recliner and surf while watching the big monitor.

I am still in the dark ages with my cell phone though. It only sends and receives calls and text, no camera, GPS or internet on it.

Maybe we should all be like Jeff Pylant and not even have a cell phone

Labor Day bike party

Posted in Biker stuff on September 13, 2009 by bayouphoto

I had always heard that the parties, the Rockin M event center out on were the bomb. After this last weekend I was not disappointed. Let me qualify that by saying I thought it was little expensive. $35 per person entry, 20 per tent to camp so it cost Elaine and I $90 to get in and primitive camp for the weekend. Also the food was very high for example we got 3 corndogs an 2 iced teas was $15. I just wanted to state that so as not to mislead my readers.

We arrived about 2:30 Friday afternoon and had to camp in the last campground. By the time we got up Saturday it was full.

_MG_8432_MG_8434The place is on private property, adult only, and very well set up. There is a nice stage/bandstand and they have a big screen to help view the bands and contests. I looked up during the wet T contest and saw my friend and model Red on the stage

_MG_8397very well laid out vendors row_MG_8392_MG_8394Plenty of room for the bikes to park_MG_8391Nice area for the bike games_MG_8448Plenty of fun_MG_8483

and lots of women_MG_8405_MG_8435_MG_8445_MG_8446_MG_8459

Pole dancing_MG_8507

, Since it is over 21 to enter the entertainment gets quite rowdy. If you don’t want to see nudity and other acts stay away.

My friend Mike Gwin entered both of his bikes. This custom 2009 Street glide won 1st in touring and his 2005 Wildcat came in 2nd in choppers


for more info Check out Rockin M event center

See more photos here

See ya’ll there next Memorial Day


Posted in Biker stuff, Rants on September 11, 2009 by bayouphoto

Well it is football season where multi millionaire thugs get paid to show off for the cameras.Seriously if most of these guys were not athletes they would have never made it to college, and would be in jail or dead. Just because they can carry, catch or throw a football they are worth more than the gross national product of 3rd world countries. Then they throw it away by drugs, shooting themselves, beating their GF or just quitting. Now don’t get me wrong I love football and think it is the greatest sport on earth. I just don’t like the state of the game, the new wave players and the No Fun League attitude.

I grew up watching the saints and anguished through many losing seasons. I can now be proud of our team. Oh wait the state pays for the dome and the team but it is New Orleans that benefits. They did throw the rest of the state a bone by naming it the Louisiana superdome LOL

But let’s get to the heart of my rant. Tonights kickoff game was opened by some bunch of howling idiots called the black eyed peas. Now it was bad enough when musicians started getting involved and all the hype and fanfare started but it was Hank Jr. so it wasn’t all bad. I mean Bono, U2 and Bruce Springsteen are bad enough but what was fostered off on Americans tonight sounded like something from a World cup match, not an NFL kickoff.

But this shows the sorry state of the league where you can’t touch million dollar quarterbacks and the likes of Terrell Owens is allowed his antics. I like what Deacon Jones said about him ” If he did that to us we would have broke his leg.” I grew up with real football, Roman Gabriel standing and throwing with guys hanging on him. Fran Tarkenton scrambling with no safe slides. Archie Manning running for his life. Back the the QB was just another guy on the field. I heard that Johnny Unitas’ signing bonus was an .18 phone call.

I watched players Like the Deacon, Dick Butkus, Jack Lambert and defenses like the Steel curtain, Purple people eaters, and the fearsome foursome. Guys that would head slap and clothesline you in a minute. defensive backs like Lester Hayes would be flagged every play in todays protect the receiver rules. I would love to see Ocho Cinco go up against Lester or Ronnie Lott. And see Tom Brady face the New Orleans Dome Patrol. Swilling, Jackson, Mills and Johnson would give him a reason to miss a game. Course they had to face real QB’s in Montana and Everett.

What does this have to do with bikers? Well the same thing is true in our culture today. I saw a sign at the Labor Day party ” $18,000 and 18 miles does not make you a biker”. There were trucks, RV’s and golf carts worth a small fortune.  No longer is the majority the ride your bike in with a tent and sleeping bag. It is drive your $40,000 truck pulling your $80, 000 RV unload your bike and your $12,000 ATV and ride around. Now I am not putting down those that do, I have gotten old and enjoy the comforts. I stayed in a toy hauler this weekend. I am saying there is more to the biker lifestyle than owning a bike.

We had two bikes come in the shop needing TLC for nothing more than neglect. If they had been animals the ASPCA would have been all over it. Just like a puppy a good Harley deserves a good home and idiots should not be allowed to have one. if you got it ride it, if not let someone that will ride have it.

Another bike shoot

Posted in Biker stuff on September 9, 2009 by bayouphoto

Seem like more and more bikes and girls are showing up for me to shoot. Case in point a guy that lives just a few miles from me shows up at the shop with this awesome Iron Horse chopper. Never met the guy or ever seen the bike. I immediately started calling my girls. This area is blessed with some very hot girls and one of them. Lindsey was ready for a shoot._MG_7817-2-EditJamie showed up with the bike and we took it to my favorite locale, Poverty Point reservoir. We were there long enough to let the pipes cool till Lindsey showed up._MG_7823-EditI always draw a lot of attention at the state park. I know it is me and not the girls or bikes. We had a good shoot and I submitted it for an issue of Thunder Roads Louisiana.

Speaking of which I had another centerfold come out.1686c2700That is a 1968 Soviet military K750 sidecar motorcycle. it is a copy of the BMW German military bike. Complete with all accessories and even the sidecar cover. The model is miss Heather from Gretna, La. You can read the issue at Thunder Roads