Another bike shoot

Seem like more and more bikes and girls are showing up for me to shoot. Case in point a guy that lives just a few miles from me shows up at the shop with this awesome Iron Horse chopper. Never met the guy or ever seen the bike. I immediately started calling my girls. This area is blessed with some very hot girls and one of them. Lindsey was ready for a shoot._MG_7817-2-EditJamie showed up with the bike and we took it to my favorite locale, Poverty Point reservoir. We were there long enough to let the pipes cool till Lindsey showed up._MG_7823-EditI always draw a lot of attention at the state park. I know it is me and not the girls or bikes. We had a good shoot and I submitted it for an issue of Thunder Roads Louisiana.

Speaking of which I had another centerfold come out.1686c2700That is a 1968 Soviet military K750 sidecar motorcycle. it is a copy of the BMW German military bike. Complete with all accessories and even the sidecar cover. The model is miss Heather from Gretna, La. You can read the issue at Thunder Roads


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