Well it is football season where multi millionaire thugs get paid to show off for the cameras.Seriously if most of these guys were not athletes they would have never made it to college, and would be in jail or dead. Just because they can carry, catch or throw a football they are worth more than the gross national product of 3rd world countries. Then they throw it away by drugs, shooting themselves, beating their GF or just quitting. Now don’t get me wrong I love football and think it is the greatest sport on earth. I just don’t like the state of the game, the new wave players and the No Fun League attitude.

I grew up watching the saints and anguished through many losing seasons. I can now be proud of our team. Oh wait the state pays for the dome and the team but it is New Orleans that benefits. They did throw the rest of the state a bone by naming it the Louisiana superdome LOL

But let’s get to the heart of my rant. Tonights kickoff game was opened by some bunch of howling idiots called the black eyed peas. Now it was bad enough when musicians started getting involved and all the hype and fanfare started but it was Hank Jr. so it wasn’t all bad. I mean Bono, U2 and Bruce Springsteen are bad enough but what was fostered off on Americans tonight sounded like something from a World cup match, not an NFL kickoff.

But this shows the sorry state of the league where you can’t touch million dollar quarterbacks and the likes of Terrell Owens is allowed his antics. I like what Deacon Jones said about him ” If he did that to us we would have broke his leg.” I grew up with real football, Roman Gabriel standing and throwing with guys hanging on him. Fran Tarkenton scrambling with no safe slides. Archie Manning running for his life. Back the the QB was just another guy on the field. I heard that Johnny Unitas’ signing bonus was an .18 phone call.

I watched players Like the Deacon, Dick Butkus, Jack Lambert and defenses like the Steel curtain, Purple people eaters, and the fearsome foursome. Guys that would head slap and clothesline you in a minute. defensive backs like Lester Hayes would be flagged every play in todays protect the receiver rules. I would love to see Ocho Cinco go up against Lester or Ronnie Lott. And see Tom Brady face the New Orleans Dome Patrol. Swilling, Jackson, Mills and Johnson would give him a reason to miss a game. Course they had to face real QB’s in Montana and Everett.

What does this have to do with bikers? Well the same thing is true in our culture today. I saw a sign at the Labor Day party ” $18,000 and 18 miles does not make you a biker”. There were trucks, RV’s and golf carts worth a small fortune.  No longer is the majority the ride your bike in with a tent and sleeping bag. It is drive your $40,000 truck pulling your $80, 000 RV unload your bike and your $12,000 ATV and ride around. Now I am not putting down those that do, I have gotten old and enjoy the comforts. I stayed in a toy hauler this weekend. I am saying there is more to the biker lifestyle than owning a bike.

We had two bikes come in the shop needing TLC for nothing more than neglect. If they had been animals the ASPCA would have been all over it. Just like a puppy a good Harley deserves a good home and idiots should not be allowed to have one. if you got it ride it, if not let someone that will ride have it.


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