Labor Day bike party

I had always heard that the parties, the Rockin M event center out on were the bomb. After this last weekend I was not disappointed. Let me qualify that by saying I thought it was little expensive. $35 per person entry, 20 per tent to camp so it cost Elaine and I $90 to get in and primitive camp for the weekend. Also the food was very high for example we got 3 corndogs an 2 iced teas was $15. I just wanted to state that so as not to mislead my readers.

We arrived about 2:30 Friday afternoon and had to camp in the last campground. By the time we got up Saturday it was full.

_MG_8432_MG_8434The place is on private property, adult only, and very well set up. There is a nice stage/bandstand and they have a big screen to help view the bands and contests. I looked up during the wet T contest and saw my friend and model Red on the stage

_MG_8397very well laid out vendors row_MG_8392_MG_8394Plenty of room for the bikes to park_MG_8391Nice area for the bike games_MG_8448Plenty of fun_MG_8483

and lots of women_MG_8405_MG_8435_MG_8445_MG_8446_MG_8459

Pole dancing_MG_8507

, Since it is over 21 to enter the entertainment gets quite rowdy. If you don’t want to see nudity and other acts stay away.

My friend Mike Gwin entered both of his bikes. This custom 2009 Street glide won 1st in touring and his 2005 Wildcat came in 2nd in choppers


for more info Check out Rockin M event center

See more photos here

See ya’ll there next Memorial Day


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