Photo shoot

More women are wanting me to shoot them on their ol’ mans bike than ever before. two of the girls from where I get my hair cut asked if I would take photos of them. One wanted them for her BF and the other as an anniversary gift for her husband. Not that I am complaining but it just seems odd so many are doing it.

The first is Kay, I have known her since she was a small child. She is the step daughter of the best friend I have in this world._MG_8310-EditShe was always very good looking and is even better with age._MG_8332-EditShe said her BF Liked the “Booty” shots_MG_8348-Editand this is one of my top 5 bike photos of all time_MG_8327-EditSarah wanted some for her Husband and to show the kids what Mom used to look like when they get grown_MG_8335-Edit_MG_8366-Editand this one is one of my favorite photos_MG_8379-EditAll photos were taken at Poverty Point reservoir north of Delhi, La


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