Pleasant surprise

When people contact me,telling me they have a bike, for Thunder Roads magazine I am always skeptical. What the owner calls custom and what the publisher wants are two different things. That is the main reason I like to find the bikes and see them myself. However sometimes you get a pleasant surprise.

Case in point: a friend, from Biker or not, sent me a small cell phone photo or her friends bike. I could not tell much from the photo and it would be a 4 hour drive for him to bring the bike to me. I decided to give it a try and arranged for a model.

I told him to be here around 3 PM and he was here at 11 AM . The bike was way beyond my expectations. We carried it up to the lake, yeah I need to get a new location, and shot some outstanding photos of it. It was not the best light being very overcast. Toward the end of the session the sky cleaed and a little sun shone through._MG_8549-Edit_MG_8552-Edit_MG_8563-EditThe engine is a stock Harley 80″ EVO but the frame is handmade along with the custom rear fender. It is a 2007 Weeze cutom really a one of a kind bike. The model is kay a friend of mine

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