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A very cool Brees

Posted in NFL on October 24, 2009 by bayouphoto

and very accurate also

I always knew he was good and being a former Professional archer, I know the key to accuracy is consistency, but this is scary good. No wonder he is one of the premiere QB’s in the league. I would love to see this at the Pro Bowl like the slam dunk contest at the NBA all star game


A good old fashioned smack down

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The saints/Giants game was billed as the marquee of the NFL week six. the number 1 offense against the Number 1 defense. Well guess who showed up?

I felt all along that the Saints could win but never imagined the smack down they would place upon the leader of the vaunted NFC East division. 48-27 does not accurately portray the physical beating the Saints put on the G men.

It looked like the Florida Gators playing Florida international. In the blink of an eye the Saints were up 20-3. Drew Brees was like a surgeon. This season they have scored on all 5 opening possesions( 4 TD’s 1 FG) They put teams so far behind so quickly they force them out of their gameplan and into exactly what The Saints want. Now this has happened ever since Drew Brees has been the QB but unlike years past we have a tough, punishing rushing game and a defense that just does not quit.

I heard one commentor say that we had played against 1 first time starter, 2 rookies and Trent Edwards and Eli would never make those mistakes, especially referring to the Mark Sanchez fumble. Well guess what? HE DID!!!!!!! One fumble that led to 6 and an interception. It really doesn’t matter who the QB is, The Dome Patrol is back.

Oh and that vaunted pass rush and pressuring Drew, Uh uh. Not going to happen. The offensive line takes it personal not to allow Drew to get hit let alone sacked.

An interview with FB heath Evans, that was on the undefeated Pat’s team, had him in awe about Drew. Lance Moore said anyone that is no awed by Drew is an idiot.

How far can they go undefeated? Will they make the super bowl? That I don’t know. But in week 6 they are the best in the NFL. Will the Giants rebound, yes, will they win the division, Probably. Are they the best in the league? Not Today


Posted in Software/Hardware on October 7, 2009 by bayouphoto

As a photographer I have heard many nightmare stories about losing photos in the digital age, of course there were nightmares with film, but that is another story. You know losing the card, card corrupting etc. I had never had that problem, being very particular about backing up. That is until…

I was asked to do some promo photos for a club. It is way over in Newton, Ms. about 160 miles from me. I packed the camera, spare batteries, flash card case(remember this) My Acer netbook (this too), flashes, stands and plenty of batteries.

The drive over was uneventful but upon arrival I readied my equipment only to discover there was only one 1 GB card. I knew there would be more photos than that comsidering the size of the 5D files. But no problem I had my trusty netbook, card reader and…oh no charger and the battery is dead. Now it is time to panic.

I was just about to drive the 50 miles to Meridian, Ms for another cord when I noticed the host had a laptop he ran the music with. I asked if he had some blank CD’s and could burn files. he said  NO PROBLEM. I used my card reader and we downloaded the first set. He burnt, verified(so I thought) and gave me the disc, now being the savvy computer person I am I should have realized a 1GB card would not fit on a CD. Anyway I wiped the card and proceeded to shoot it full agian. He burnt the 2nd set and once again gave me the CD. I formatted the card and was ready again. The party was in full swing and the owner decided we had enough photos. I packed mt gear and when I got home, popped the first CD in…NOTHING. Put in the 2nd CD…nothing. Now it was panic time.

I called the owner and her verified that the temp files were still on the laptop so I told him to burn to a DVD and mail it to me.

I gave him the mailing address and waited, and waited, one week, no CD. He confirmed he mailed it. I checked the mailing address and you guessed, I gave him the wrong zip code. I contact him and he said he would send another copy.

Which brings me to the reason for this post. I used a photo recovery software called Photorescue. It is cheap, easy to navigate and found 126 useable photos. I highly recommend this software. I had even formatted the card. as long as it is not overwritten it will find the images. They have a free trial that you can use, to preview saveable images, to use before purchasing.

If you ever need to save those one of photos give this software a try

Who Dat!!!!!!!!!

Posted in NFL on October 5, 2009 by bayouphoto

yes, I am talking about the New Orleans Saints. After putting a smack down on the Jets our record stands at 4-0. This is for only the 3 rd time in team history.

I have followed the Saints ever since the first year they played. I watched my dad agonize every week when they were losing. He passed away before the Jim Mora( Dome patrol) era. I always said it was the best defense we ever had and just needed a matching offense.

Take heart Who Dat fans. Not only do we have the best offense in the league but we can now run the ball, play smash mouth and the Dome Patrol is back.

It is not Jackson, Mills, Johnson and Swilling, it is now Grant, Smith, Ellis, Vilma, Greer and a wiley old vet named Sharper. Can you believe they are even talking pro bowl for some of our defense.

We have a week off and I hope Jermon Bushrod is back. How many offensive lines can lose a probowl left tackle, lose his backup, insert the 3rd stringer and still not give up a sack.

Drew Brees looked like a probowl QB and Sanchez looked like what he is and upstart rookie QB. he may be good in his career, he may even be good next week, but this week he was man handled

I give credit to the Jets defense, it is very very good. It was a dog fight but in the end it was the Saints that “Let the dogs out”

On another not I have 15 or so BON members from Missorui coming in for a camping trip, party and cajun food pig out. I will have photos after they are gone.