Who Dat!!!!!!!!!

yes, I am talking about the New Orleans Saints. After putting a smack down on the Jets our record stands at 4-0. This is for only the 3 rd time in team history.

I have followed the Saints ever since the first year they played. I watched my dad agonize every week when they were losing. He passed away before the Jim Mora( Dome patrol) era. I always said it was the best defense we ever had and just needed a matching offense.

Take heart Who Dat fans. Not only do we have the best offense in the league but we can now run the ball, play smash mouth and the Dome Patrol is back.

It is not Jackson, Mills, Johnson and Swilling, it is now Grant, Smith, Ellis, Vilma, Greer and a wiley old vet named Sharper. Can you believe they are even talking pro bowl for some of our defense.

We have a week off and I hope Jermon Bushrod is back. How many offensive lines can lose a probowl left tackle, lose his backup, insert the 3rd stringer and still not give up a sack.

Drew Brees looked like a probowl QB and Sanchez looked like what he is and upstart rookie QB. he may be good in his career, he may even be good next week, but this week he was man handled

I give credit to the Jets defense, it is very very good. It was a dog fight but in the end it was the Saints that “Let the dogs out”

On another not I have 15 or so BON members from Missorui coming in for a camping trip, party and cajun food pig out. I will have photos after they are gone.


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