A good old fashioned smack down

The saints/Giants game was billed as the marquee of the NFL week six. the number 1 offense against the Number 1 defense. Well guess who showed up?

I felt all along that the Saints could win but never imagined the smack down they would place upon the leader of the vaunted NFC East division. 48-27 does not accurately portray the physical beating the Saints put on the G men.

It looked like the Florida Gators playing Florida international. In the blink of an eye the Saints were up 20-3. Drew Brees was like a surgeon. This season they have scored on all 5 opening possesions( 4 TD’s 1 FG) They put teams so far behind so quickly they force them out of their gameplan and into exactly what The Saints want. Now this has happened ever since Drew Brees has been the QB but unlike years past we have a tough, punishing rushing game and a defense that just does not quit.

I heard one commentor say that we had played against 1 first time starter, 2 rookies and Trent Edwards and Eli would never make those mistakes, especially referring to the Mark Sanchez fumble. Well guess what? HE DID!!!!!!! One fumble that led to 6 and an interception. It really doesn’t matter who the QB is, The Dome Patrol is back.

Oh and that vaunted pass rush and pressuring Drew, Uh uh. Not going to happen. The offensive line takes it personal not to allow Drew to get hit let alone sacked.

An interview with FB heath Evans, that was on the undefeated Pat’s team, had him in awe about Drew. Lance Moore said anyone that is no awed by Drew is an idiot.

How far can they go undefeated? Will they make the super bowl? That I don’t know. But in week 6 they are the best in the NFL. Will the Giants rebound, yes, will they win the division, Probably. Are they the best in the league? Not Today

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