Delhi car and bike show

Back last week Melvin(MR) Reagan came to the shop and wanted to know if he could hang some flyers about a benefit car and bike show. Spot and I volunteered to help and it took off from there. It was short notice but thanks to the internet and cell phones we got the word out.

The benefit was to help a local girl, Amber Tamburo, that has Lukemia. She was doing good but has had a relapse. So the community wanted to help this young, early 20’s girl.

The weather could not have been better. When I got there at 8:30 there were a few bikes on main street._MG_8957The car show side really had some beautiful cars and trucks_MG_8960This 50 model Ford came in 2nd_MG_8963Yes, that is a Shelby Cobra GT. He said 155 MPH in 4th gear_MG_8965I love red_MG_8975_MG_8977_MG_8978Tony Yates cleaning his Deuce_MG_8979_MG_8982Band of Brothers supplied the live entertainment_MG_8984_MG_8985Danny Fuller’s shovelhead Low Rider_MG_8988Amber’s mom, Barbara, and sister, Alissa_MG_8989The judging begins_MG_8990Steve Craigs 2001 100th anniversary Indian. Rebuilt by Thomas Monroe and painted by Becca Lynn. It was a great day and a good turnout for a very worthy cause. Thanks to MR and his wife along with Outreach ministries, band of Brothers and all the people that came out.


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