How dumb can I be?

My nephews shop, Spot’s Cycles, sits within rock throwing distance of Interstate 20 in Delhi, La. I 20  runs from Ga. to El Paso, Tx. where it hits I 10 and goes on into S Ca. It is a major southern east west route. Therefore we get a lot of travelers that need repairs or assistance.

Yesterday two brothers, from Michigan, stopped in for some help. Ones speedo and cable had broken and they wanted Spot to fix it. While getting it repaired I talked to them as it was apparent these were hardcore riders and not your weekend enthusiasts.

Turns out they had both gotten laid off two years ago and decided to see the country. Now these are not rich guys staying in fancy motels and condos. They had tents and sleeping bags. The only things they had were what fit on the back of the bike. And I don’t mean fancy new Ultra Classics. One was riding a stripped down EVO Electra glide and the other was on a road worn 1983 Wide glide shovelhead.

They said they had been living of the dollar value meal for awile. sleeping in campgrounds and roadside parks.

I asked where they had been, They told me out to the west coast, Through Death Valley, down in Fl. and up the east coast. Working when broke and enjoying the ride. Now these guys are road warriors. They worked on their own bikes. One repaired his exhaust with a hose clamp and red Bull can.

There are not many of this type left these days. I salute you brothers ride on and stay safe.

Now for the dumb part. I never got a photo or their name!!!!

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