Who Dat

say dey gone beat dem Saints. I grew up watching the saints. I was 13 that first season in 1967. My dad and a few other family members went the the pre season game in Shreveport. Up until then my family were cowboy fans. My oldest brother remained so for many years.

It was a family tradition that my brother George and sometimes Wayne would come watch the game at our house. I remember the pain and suffering I saw along with disappointment and anger it caused my dad. He was always optimistic and would utter the famous words ” Wait till next year”. I remember when they drafted “Saint” Archie we all thought he would lead us to the promised land. I won’t get into all the reasons why that never happened but suffice to say it was dismal.

My dad passed away in ’81 so he never saw the Jim Mora era and the winning times but we were still disappointed in the playoffs. I remember when we got our first playoff win . I was sitting in a deer stand watching the game on a little 5″ B&W tv. I stayed till it was over. Good thing I was on private property.

Now after 43 years we have a team that has done things my dad could never imagine. We are 10-0, have a truly great QB and destiny is ours to control.

I just wish dad and Mitchell could have seen it. If heaven has a TV I bet those two are tuned into the game and momma has something good to eat.

I miss them along with LEH, Margie, Bill and David. This week is Thanksgiving and I am thankful for my family and the Saints


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