New Years eve

Yeah I know it has been awhile. Let’s catch up. The Saints sit at 13-2 and have clinched, the NFC South title, first round bye and home field advantage. Next Sunday is the last regular season game.

It is now to cold outside for shooting bikes and girls, the weather is wet and nasty. Christmas has come and gone and this year almost is.

Time to reflect on this last year:

I have neglected my nature and wildlife photography in favor of shooting pretty girls. I intend to remedy this in the coming year. I put out my feeder and a new tree limb perch at the back yard bird blind and have taken a few photos but nothing spectacular. The good birds tend to come in around the end of Jan. I will take a photo of my setup to post later.

My little Acer netbook, just up and quit coming on. I have it packaged to send back to the factory as it is still under warranty. I really miss it and the flexibility it offers with my wireless network. I can access the internet while out in the bird blind.

My health seems to be holding stable, at least for now. My knee is much better although I will never be able to kneel down ever again. This will hinder my macro photography.

I wanted to photograph the blue moon tonight but the cloud cover will prevent it.

I hope to make a camping trip to the Ozarks and the Smoky mountains this coming spring.

Well I hope everyone has a better 2010 and get all the photos you ever wanted

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