Acer Aspire

I had to send my little netbook back to the factory. First the AC adapter quit, I borrowed one and at first it worked fine. Then it quit working on the battery. It would work fine on the AC adapter. Next it would start to power up, get to a certain point and stop. I called technical support and they said it was something in the bios. I was instructed to download a driver onto a thumbdrive, start the computer and reboot from the drive. it stayed a blank screen for like 3 hours and nothing. I called them back and they said to send it and the defective AC adapter back.

They were very responsive and quick to get me a service request number. I sent it insured UPS today and now we shall see how responsive they are on warranty. I will keep you updated.

Since I had gotten used to having it I really miss being able to surf while on the couch, out in the yard or in bed. it teamed with the Netgear wireless network meant I could watch TV and surf the web at the same time


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