9:19 PM

I sit here this morning still stunned. Last night @ 9:19 PM something we have dreamed of for 43 years happened. Pigs flew and hell froze over cause the Saints are going to the super bowl.

I think of the unlikely journey this has been, although we have had some good players we never had very good teams. Coaches never stayed long, good players were traded off or just let go. oh there were flashes. The great offense of the Archie era. the Dome patrol of the Mora era. A few winning seasons, a few playoff appearances, but no consistency onyl the thought ” wait till next year”

It is finally next year.

I also think how a rookie head coach came here to a team that didn’t even know it’s future. Brought in a cast of unlikely heroes. In last nights game we didn’t have many true super stars. The QB was passed over in free agency threw for 3 TD’s. A RB that was an un drafted free agent scored two TD’s and a big 4th down conversion. No true fullback but a traded away for a 7th round pick TE blocked and caught balls all night. An offensive line that outside of Saints fans no one has heard of only gave up one sack against the feared Jared Allen and company. A TE that his old team didn’t even allow on the sidelines for their super bowl, blocked Jared Allen to a draw. A main receiver that was a 7th round pick. 2nd receiver that no one wanted in free agency, cause he dropped balls, caught a TD. A kick returner that bounced around the league has a 61 yard kick off return.

On defense we only have 2 N0. 1 picks. A DT that was suspended and no one wanted making Favres life miserable. Two linebackers no one ever heard of that were cast offs in ’06(one recovered a fumble) a middle linebacker his team traded off had 5 tackles, 2 INT’s I forced fumble and 1 fumble recovered. The old strong safety that two teams thought was washed up had the best season of his career.

Then we come to the last unlikely hero, the kicker that was signed at the last part of last season, only had 25 kicks. was suspended for the 1st 4 games. At 23 years of age he kicked what is the greatest field goal and possibly the greatest play in saints history. The same little kid that missed a game winner against Tampa Bay, split the uprights @ 9:19 PM

WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!


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