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Photo of the week

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The first color of the year is this flowering Quince. Canon 20D, Canon 70-200 f4.



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Around here the first crop dusters, of the year are a sign of two things. One, it is getting close to corn planting time, and two it is too wet to spray with ground rigs. I got up this morning and one was spraying weed/grass killer on the field behind the house. I got the camera, 70-200 f4 lens, set it to continuous drive and A1 Servo auto focus for some shots.. I was facing west and the early morning sun was just right.

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Global warming LOL

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I am sick and tired of hearing about global warming and trying to blame mankind for a naturally occurring event. It has been debunked and disproved so many times it is laughable.

However they continue to make excuses and you still hear the term being used by environmentalist tree huggers. Al Gore still claims to have first discovered it. I guess right  after he invented the “Intra” net.

We have had two snow storms, one of the worst in I know 40 years, and have been predicted for snow two more times. We have never had this much snow in one year. Then look at the record snow and cold temps in the east.

I know, they now say that with global warming you will have wild swings in weather. Make up your mind one way or the other. Either earth is warming or it isn’t.

Billions of our tax payer dollars are being wasted by these chicken littles. I doubt most of these actually believe it. They just want the big grants to continue.

it is time the people  say enough of this wasteful spending, not just on this but the type of studies such as the snail darter.

Write your senators and congressmen  and say ENOUGH

New centerfold

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I have a new centerfold coming out in March. You can see it online at Thunder roads Louisiana or pick them up at any  Louisiana  Harley dealer.

It features Gene Bennett’s 2007 Weeze chopper and Kay Hutchinson

Photo of the week

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I just love to watch the little Inca doves

Miniature photography

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I love people who have to patience for miniature photography. The kind where they build a whole set to look like a slice of Americana. Having been born in the 50’s I am fascinated with anything from that era. While reading another photographers blog I came across this guys work Michael Paul Smith it is nothing short of amazing. In the upper right hand corner you can click slide show. He even includes some photos of his sets and himself.

Copyright Michael Paul Smith

Back yard bird blind

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I have been promising to show some photos of my blind and feeder set up.

The blind is made from two sweet potato packing crates, one on top of the other. with a door in the back(covered with an old shower curtain) windows in the front and sides and a little roll around stool.

This is the east side facing west. It is only 12 feet from the blind to the perches. That is the minimum focus distance for the Sigma 400 f5.6 lens.Here you can see the feeders from the blind. I have three types of feeders to accommodate different types of birds. The white PVC pipe holds my perch limb and allows me to change them out. The tripod holds a piece of tree limb with a hole in it. The whole is filled with seed when I am shooting.Here is a view from the blind to the north. I placed the blind facing north so the winter sun would be behind it and illuminate the birds on the feeder.Here is from the west, facing east, you can see the small wood lot and my bluebird box next to the trees. I am going to put up a platform feeder for meal worms and a string feeder to hold fruit for the orioles. I am also thinking of making a frame to hold a background behind the feeders.

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