Global warming LOL

I am sick and tired of hearing about global warming and trying to blame mankind for a naturally occurring event. It has been debunked and disproved so many times it is laughable.

However they continue to make excuses and you still hear the term being used by environmentalist tree huggers. Al Gore still claims to have first discovered it. I guess right  after he invented the “Intra” net.

We have had two snow storms, one of the worst in I know 40 years, and have been predicted for snow two more times. We have never had this much snow in one year. Then look at the record snow and cold temps in the east.

I know, they now say that with global warming you will have wild swings in weather. Make up your mind one way or the other. Either earth is warming or it isn’t.

Billions of our tax payer dollars are being wasted by these chicken littles. I doubt most of these actually believe it. They just want the big grants to continue.

it is time the people  say enough of this wasteful spending, not just on this but the type of studies such as the snail darter.

Write your senators and congressmen  and say ENOUGH

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