Tech Tuesday: Topaz Adjust

Welcome to the next installment of Tech Tuesday, where we explore new technology in post processing. For the next several weeks I will be exploring the various photoshop plug ins, I use.

Today we will look at Topaz adjust and specifically the latest version, Topaz 4

You can learn more by clicking the link and checking out the website. You can also see some examples by customers HERE.

Basically it is a psuedo HDR program but it is much more. I use it for landscapes a lot.

After download and installation you access it by first opening photoshop, with a photo open go to filters>Topaz Labs>Topaz adjust. It will open your photo in a new interface.

Once you have your image up in photoshop, selecting the plugin will open up a very friendly window that could not be any more simple. The Topaz team has created an amazing simple (and fun!) UI.

Over on the left, there are dozens of presets. Normally, I hate presets and I can never find a single one to meet my needs. However, there is such a nice variety that you can get a cool first adjustment. Something that is very smart about these previews is that they show little thumbnails. Clicking on one of them quickly shows the larger version on the right. VERY quickly. I’m used to having plugin options churn away forever just to get a preview. It’s not like that with Topaz; it’s almost immediate!

After you choose one of the presets from the left, you can then make a bunch of micro-adjustments with the sliders on the bottom. There are so many things you can do… it is simply amazing. The names are strange because the effects are strange. Much like other tools, I recommend you play with them a lot to get familiar with them. I don’t plan on talking about each feature… but for example, the “Boost” slider seems to really pump up the “HDR” effect.

here is a screenshot from Topaz 3 to see the old interfaceAs you can see the pre sets are on the left and the control sliders are at the bottom. While I liked it it was not as user friendly.

Now Version 4Now we have a much more Lightroom, like interface. You can scroll down the pre set list to see previews just like in Lightroom Develop. Once you choose a ore set or just adjust the sliders to your liking, you click ok and wait for it to take effect.

BTW that photo has had the preset Painting Venice applied.

here are some more examples of photos I used Adjust on.Photo pop preset

Download the free trial and see what you think.

As always click the photos to see a larger version

PS: I will be starting a new weekly post called Tip Thursday where I will give a photography tip or technique. Look for the first one this Thursday.


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