School bus camps

I do a little carpentry and handy man work, besides photography, and today I got a call about building a small porch. It was over on the Big lake WMA, east of where I live.

When I was growing up, in the late 60’s, it seemed every one hunted and had a camp. What is now Big Lake WMA and Tensas River NWR used to be owned by Chicago Mills and lumber company. They would lease the hunting rights out to clubs. The farther north you went the more expensive the clubs. The south end was for the financially under privileged. Our camp was on the very south end. LOL

Back then a lot of people used old school buses to make camps. My first was just such a camp. It was located in what is now Cocodrie NWR. It was an old bus wth a tin shack built onto the back doors. The only heat was from an oil drum wood heater. the youngsters had to sleep all the way to the front. I awoke with frost on my sleeping bag. the windows would freeze over. Needless to say it didn’t take long to get dressed.

While I was at the campground I decided to take some HDR exposures of some of the colorful bus camps.

I sat up the camera, on a tripod, with the Tokina 20-35 and set to autobracket @ -2, 0, and +2 exposure compensation.

Once at home I imported in to Lightroom. Then selected each set of three to import into Photomatix Pro 3. I have the latest version with the plugin for Lightroom. You select it like this.

It will come up with an export dialog and you click OK.

Photomatix will then generate a HDR preview. You then click Tone mapping

Like this.

Next you will get the Tone mapping dialog.Once you have adjusted to liking, there are many tutorials on HDR and Photomatix, you click process. It will then process and re import into Lightroom. I then make exposure and contrast adjustments and sharpen. Since I have the Nik filters Colo Efex 3 plugin for Lightroom, I can send it to Nik for Tonal contrast. You select that option like this.Just right-click the photo.

I use Tonal contrast because to me they all seem a little low contrast.And there are the settings I use.  Below is the finished product.As you can see, it is time for a sensor cleaning. I missed those spots, in the sky

Here are some more camps from the day.On this one I also converted to B&W, since it was mostly white. I just read an article on HDR B&W.

They sure brought back some memories, and not all of them pleasant “Shudder and shiver”. As you can see they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and how shall we say ” Ambiance”

As always click the photos to see a larger version


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