Tip Thursday: moving water

I have been asked: How do you get that creamy silky water? Simple a very slow shutter speed.

That is easier to answer that is to sometimes achieve. if the light is strong and bright it makes it doubly hard.

First a tripod is a must. The shutter speeds are way to slow to hand hold. We are talking less that 1/25 of a second. The slower the better.

The camera must be capable of aperture priority or manual mode. No green square auto here.

ISO should be as low as the camera will allow. 50 or 100. Apeture should be f22 or above. In the above photo I used ISO 100, f32 and 1/6 of a second.

This comes to the next problem. The amount of light. A nice overcast day would have helped but as it was I used a polarizer, and a two stop Neutral density filter, to obtain the slow speed.

At these slow shutter speeds, any camera movement or vibrations will show up. At the least use a remote shutter release or the self timer. If your camera has the mirror lockup feature use that also.

So if you have a waterfall nearby or are planning a trip to one use these tips and enjoy


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