Cypress swamp

Just east of my little town, of Crowville, used to be a large horseshoe-shaped cypress swamp. My sister and I used to walk to it every evening, before our health got bad. It was filled with water and large cypress trees. There was a road and large culvert across it. It teamed with waterfowl and birds.

Then a few years back the price of cypress rose high enough to make it profitable to log these swamps. It was drained and logged. the ensuing destruction ruined one of my favorite spots.

Now it just holds a minimum of water and the once mighty trees are just stumps. Where the trees kept the area shaded and the undergrowth to a minimum. Now sunlight has caused it to become overgrown and choked out.

Only a few open areas remain. The water will get 3-4 feet deep, during winter, but it drains so fast it never stays long. All this in the name of profit.

Here is all that is left of an eco-system and a once 5 foot diameter cypress tree.

Click for a larger version


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