Tip Thursday part 2: Vacation photos

Ok, so spring is here school will soon be out and it is vacation time. For us photographers decisions have to be made.

You have finally decided that the time is right for some travel photos, or maybe a photographic tour. Where to from here?  What would be the best photography vacation for you?
Should I go it alone trying to get the images even though I have family?  I can do a lot of planning so should be able to work it out.
Or would I be better off to just take the family and get what photos I can while still having family time? Is there another way to go about it all?

This is entirely up to the individual, the main question being……. How much time do you have?      I feel this should be the first and main question you ask yourself, everything after this is more a logistics question, so can be fairly easily solved.

Once this is answered then you can start looking deeper into it and start asking questions like:

1: Can I incorporate both a family vacation and a photography tour? We have all heard ” Dadddddddd can we hurry up? No darling I am not getting up at 4 am so you can catch the sunrise.Yes you can incorporate the two, they are very nearly one and the same, and will in fact get a lot out of doing that. You should be documenting your trip/tour from pre-start to finish.  People do want to know how you went about getting it all together.

After all who from your local area has been to spot X? So why not use it on social sites such as Facebook or Flickr

2: Where do I want to go?

The eternal question, normally answered by your budget or your dreams, but I suspect a combination of the two.

3: How much do I want to spend?

As above, but remember because all of this is going towards the taking of photos should I just plan a vacation or should I visit some of the iconic or lesser known spots just for photography? Only you can decide on the time, family and money issues.

4: What do I want from this trip?

Do I want to just document the vacation or actually get some top quality photos?

Am I going to use the images,taken, for something other than my own enjoyment? Will I do a showing, try to get in the local paper or sell a few prints?

The challenge of photographing a different area to what I normally would shoot.

5: Who is going to organize my trip?

Will I do the whole thing on my own, from getting the flights set up, paying various airport taxes. Getting my accommodation arranged for arrival into another country or city. Will I need to rent a vehicle? Will I drive out? What route to take? Going through the extended process of working the whole thing out myself?

Or would it be better to let someone else deal with the whole thing and I just turn up at the airport on the day? Travel agents are great but not cheap.

Maybe a combination of the two would work, or is there yet another way to go about it all?

6: How am I going to get around and accommodate myself?

What is local transport like? Will I need to get a car or camper-van? Is the local public transport acceptable? Should I go on a bus trip? Maybe a train?

Where are the best values for money hotel/motels, backpackers, camping grounds. Or can I free camp? Maybe primitive camp versus a full service campground would be good? Will I use a camper or a tent?

How much me time should I have and how much devoted to the family?

This is a summary of some of the many questions that people ask themselves before a big or small trip. I have written this in the hope that people will have a better idea of questions to ask before jumping into something that they regret later. If planned for it could avoid problems and difficulties down the road.

Being single I tend to trek or travel by myself. This way I can stop, stay as long as I want and change my mind in mid stream. Most of you do not have this luxury and I hope this makes you plan your trip/vacation wisely.

I hope this helps you and you have an enjoyable vacation.


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