Tip Thursday:Tripod

Hi my name is Rickey, and I use a tripod. I know it is cliché however with the explosion of photography, the digital age, There are many that do not know the benefits of a good tripod.

A tripod is essential for heavy, long lens, wildlife work, slow shutter speeds or night photography, but it can benefit other areas.

One of the main benefits is making you slow down. You are more apt to take your time with composition when you camera is mounted.

Another area, where they are essential is macro work. The focus tolerance is just to small to trust hand holding.

Now on to what type. Forget the flimsy wally world type. They are useless and aggravating. get a model with independent legs, quick solid adjustments, tall enough without a center column and heavy enough for your equipment.

I use a Giottos MT9180, however it is discontinued. It was replaced by the 93 series. Mine has the multi-position capability.  It will twist to more positions than a contortionists. I also use a Giotto’s ballhead.

Aluminum or carbon. Aluminum is heavier bit cheaper, cold to the touch. Carbon is lighter but way more expensive. If you are backpacking, go carbon fiber.

Other great tripods are Gitzo and Manfrotto, Whichever you choose, get one and use it.

You will see a world of difference in your image quality.


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