A sea of color

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I took my sister, Linda, and her sister-in-law, Ethel, to the little town of Wisner. It is there that John Hilburn raises the most spectacular private collection of Tulips.

He plants over 30,000 bulbs, at his own expense, at allows the public unlimited viewing at no charge. The family is most accommodating, allowing people full run of the small yard and inviting them to use the swing and rocking chairs.

This is my 4th or 5th year to view them and this was the most beautiful I have ever seen them. The colors were so vibrant. yellow and orange, white and red and multi-colored beds galore.

If you are any where near NE La. the next few days you must go to the little town of Wisner. Located about  40 miles north of Natchez, Ms and 10 miles south of Winnsboro, La. On hwy 15. The Hilburn house is located on the corner of hwy 875 and the Calhoun road.

Turn west on Hwy 875 off hwy 15 just north of Wisner. Take the first right, Calhoun Rd, and the house is on the right just a couple hundred yards from the turn.

Here are the two ladies enjoying the flowers.

That is the owner, John, taking photos in the background.

And enjoying a spring afternoon.

You can contact the Hilburns by calling:


You can see more of my photos at my Facebook


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