Photo of the week: Louisiana lobster

Starting in late February, Louisianan’s share in a tradition of the states bounty. One of ours is seafood and gatherings. We don’t need much of an excuse, for a party, but mudbugs, Louisiana lobster or crawfish is a major one.

For years they were just a local delicacy and quite cheap. Most people went and gathered their own. Now with the cultivation and farming they have been commercialized and gotten quite expensive,

I usually wait till May, when the price comes down. However yesterday my good friend, Johnny McDaniel, sent me a good batch along with boiled corn and potatoes. I sat out in the yard swing and had a feast.

I thought I would post a couple photos for you. Not that the photos are great but the eating sure was good!

Click the photo for a larger version

Ya’ll come down and we will put a big batch on to boil, Some crab boil, red pepper, and Tony’s seasoning with a little vegetable oil to make them peel easily. I’ll have you “Pinchin’ tail and suckin’ heads” before you can say ” slap yo momma” Les se le bon temp roulette


One Response to “Photo of the week: Louisiana lobster”

  1. Rick believe it or not we have crawfish up here in the NW area and they are good to eat. See you on OE forum.

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