Tech Tuesday: Portraiture 2

Since I do a lot of portraits, senior portraits and model photography, and I rarely have the benefit of a makeup artist, I tend to have to do a lot of post processing, on the photos. Especially if there is a skin problem.

This used to involve, blurs, masking and numerous other tedious and boring routines, in photoshop.

Now, that I Use Portraiture 2 by imaginomics my life is a lot easier. You can learn more and download a free trial at the website.

Let’s begin with the workflow. I am using a photo of my friend Red. Though her skin is not bad she had no makeup this day.Here I have selected the photo in Lightroom.

I do all adjustments, such as levels, Hue/saturation and fix any large blemishes, first.Then from the filter menu I go to Imaginomics> portraiture.

It will open in a new interface, much more user-friendly than version 1

Now the easy part. To select just the skin, use the eye dropper to move around till you get the most of the skin with the least of the other things. You can then refine the mask by using the sliders on the left. after you have the best mask you can adjust the  Detail smoothing and the enhancement sliders. Since you made a mask these adjustments will only affect the selected area.Here I have zoomed in to show the effect. Even though I left the skin structure, in tact. I smoothed out the overall tone, diminished the small blemishes. I left a few of the freckles.

Here it is before adjustmentsOnce you are satisfied click OK and it will return you to Photoshop and process on a new layerAnd, here it is with the new layer turned off.

Full size BeforeFull size after.

As always, click to see a larger version

If you shoot portraits, senior portraits, weddings, models or any facial close-ups, you owe it to yourself to try this software. it has made my life a lot easier.

Tomorrow I will follow this post with a complete workflow of makeover workflow of glamour enhancements


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