Photo friday:Ghost town of Rodney, Ms.

I love adventures and finding off the wall places to visit. A few years back I heard of a Ms. Ghost town that boasted a church with a cannon ball stuck in it. being a great-grandson of a War between the states veteran, and a history buff i had to find it for myself.

My very nature and personality means I must gather as much information about a subject as possible. this is made much easier by the wealth of information on the internet.

I won’t re-print it but you can read the history here:

Ghost town of Rodney

Rodney, Ms

I read all the info and found a blog describing the way to get there. I left early on morning on my high adventure. Good thing I left early because it is not the easiest place to find.

I followed the google instructions but kept making a circle and coming back where I started. Finally in frustration I rode to the guard shack, at Alcorn University. When I asked if he knew how to get to Rodney, he laughed and said ” got turned around didn’t you?”

Seems there are two Rodney roads and only one leads to the town. Which road is the first depends on which end of the Friendship rd. loop you come in on.

Finally around 10 AM I descended the hill into the main intersection. I took these photos before I knew about HDR. When I ran across them I decided to use Topaz Adjust 4 to give them an unearthly ghostly look.

This is the first building you see. The road used to run from Natchez to Port Gibson.that road behind the old store is the one you come in on. I am in the middle of the main street.

The gas pump.

If you take a left, back toward Natchez, on your right will be the Baptist church.

the first building you come to when going to the right, North toward Port Gibson, is the old Masonic lodge and I believe Dr’s office.This was either the bank or the opera house.

The reason for the visit. Actually the ball went through the wall and the citizens plastered it into the hole.

Click photos for a larger view.

I will not post directions on how to get there. Finding your own way and doing research is all part of adventures for myths and legends.

If you love history and adventures what better way to spend a day than doing both.

This Sunday I will be off on another adventure to the old Frisby plantation. Located on the banks of the Tensas river.


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