Tip Thursday: 5 more flower tips

The flowers are really bursting out. I thought another flower photography tip worthy of this weeks post.

1: Flowers look the best when shot from the side and not from straight down. get down on the flowers level.2: watch your background. I try to move around to find an angle that compliments the flower. Use a small aperture. and a long lens to separate the flower from background. I used f4 and a 200mm to blur the background.3: white on white is difficult. As I explained in a past post. the camera’s meter wants to make everything gray. So that nice bright white you saw comes out dull gray when you view the photo. That is what exposure compensation is for. In the below photo I used 1.6 + EC to make sure it stayed white but did not lose detail.4: watch the light. Do not shoot in direct mid day sun. Try to wait for overcast or open shade. shoot very early or late. Or use a diffuser panel to soften the light. I have a piece of old worn out white sheet stretched over a frame.

5: water. Flowers look the best right after a light shower. No convenient shower forecasted? No problem. carry a small spritzer bottle. give the plant a light spritz with a combo of water and glycerine. or water and baby oil. Just shake well before applying.


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