Tech Tuesday: Wallpaper slideshow

I love to change my wallpaper to keep it fresh. I get tired of the same old scene. I found a neat little free program to do just that. it is called wallpaper slideshow

It allows you to set up what photos to show, image sequence and time between changes. Once it is installed you can access it from the start menu or the task bar.

Click photos for larger viewAs you can see if you right click you get several options, choose you can see it is not complicated. Just click add then either files or all files in folder to select the background wallpapers to display. Then select the various options.

I really like freeware or shareware preferring them to overpriced software if it does the job. I use Open office instead of microsoft office preferring anything over microsoft if possible.

Try it out if you want something free and different for your backgrounds.

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