What a day

I was supposed to have a magazine bike shoot late yesterday evening. I told the owner of the bike and the model to meet me at 6 PM. I didn’t know the weather was going to turn crappy and be so dark and overcast. We met and headed for the shoot area. One big problem. Libby’s trike would not come on.

The switch would not come on and there were no lights. We attempted everything. This is a custom trike so to get to anything requires a lot of effort. as we sat in the parking lot, friends started to show up.

David Brown and I first found a loose starter wire. Then Charlie Gray showed up and we found the fuse box but all was good. We finally located the battery and it had turned over and the wire was off. Bingo we have lights. it now is turning over but won’t fire. Start checking every thing, pull the plugs check for fire. Only firing on one jug. Check wires. OK.

Then she says if the battery is not really hot it won’t crank. Ok. time for the jumper cables. It fires up but it is only hitting about every three cycles. Not one lunging  just not firing every time. It has an automatic transmission and when I give it a little gas it rolls backwards. AH HA partially in reverse. It stutter fires to keep from over revving or going to fast in reverse. Put it in park and it works fine.

I followed Libby home just to be sure. Great to have good friends. However I did question them as to if it had been just me, and not a hot woman, would they have stopped LOL

Here is Libby on her trike with her Yorkie Harley. he rides with her wearing his doggles and vest


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