Tech Tuesday: Window mount

I do a lot of back roads driving and photography. With my current heart problems and my hip and knee I don’t walk much anymore. I wanted a fast stable way to shoot from the mini van.

I first tried a cheap Ebay window mount. If you want to lose you camera or damage it I highly recommend this mount for it, but if you want to take great photos pass it up.

I saved up and got lucky to find a used Kirk window mount. it is every thing I could hope for. I use my Giottos large ball head on it and it is stable and strong. I still do not fully trust them so I remove the camera nd lens via the QR plate before moving on. During the shoot I wrap the camera strap around my wrist for added assurance.

I have used it with the 400 and 500 Sigma’s that do no have optical stabilization and get a very good percentage of keepers. Always turn the engine off before shooting, to minimize vibrations. I have also found that being in the vehicle alone makes a big difference. The passenger always seems to move at the wrong time.

This also makes a great platform for bird photography as it is seen as a big blind.

if you are like me and shoot from your vehicle look into a Kirk mount. I know they are pricey but they are made of T6 machined aluminum and very well-built. How much value do you place on that camera and lens


One Response to “Tech Tuesday: Window mount”

  1. Hi Rick hope the other Mike (Hiking Mike) reads this as it would be of use for him also. Good information!

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