Rant of the week: Art is subjective

I used to post a lot of my outdoor photos of a certain outdoor photography forum. when I first joined it, the site was mostly like family. we all were just starting to delve into digital photography and post processing. We learned from each other and shared our knowledge. Not in a critique style but just helpful hints when asked.

I go by the ” If I can’t say something nice, I will not say anything” unless I am asked for help or what could be done to correct something.

I have been using and teaching photoshop since version 6. I may not know all the way cool digital effects but I know how to properly process a photo and even what can be done to salvage one.

This brings me to the rant. Art is subjective to the vision of the creator. No one can say what is right or wrong. If it pleases the creator then all is well. It will not make everyone happy and some may even find it unappealing. However this does not mean I want to know how YOU would have done it.

There are now to many so called EXPERTS that want to dispense their assumed knowledge to anyone whether asked or not. You know the kind that are never happy with anything but their own work, which is usually crap.

I don’t mind if you don’t like my photo and I don’t even care if you tell me so. I didn’t take or create it for you. Sorry not trying to be mean but you just don’t matter that much. Why do I care for the opinion of someone I have never met and with dubious credentials besides. Now if you were Rick Sammon I would sit up and take notice.

What I am talking about is the guy or girl who always says “BUT” as in its nice BUT… Then proceeds to tell you in great detail how you should process your photo and even shows you an example of what he did with your photo. Oh and how much better it would be if you simply had as much knowledge as he obviously does. I know I am a mere mortal so please oh great one enlighten me.

I don’t care how you would have done it unless I ask. But then this is the guy that continues to do it even after you repeatedly ask him not to. With the internet and the anonymity it brings it is easy to make yourself into anything you want to be. I guess it is like the artist that is thought to be great if they are a pompous A$$.

Please don’t get me started on the ones that tell you that you should have changed the angle or the light or the pose of a wild animal. This is not the Brooklyn bridge we are shooting. The next time a cheetah will not cooperate I will call you to come and hands on pose him.

I don’t shoot for scientific sterile correct “head angle” photos but to record Gods beautiful creatures I see and to share them with others that appreciate the beauty of nature.

So I hope all those know it all blow hards read this. I am getting off the soap box now.

Here is a quote I like:

I recently posted an HDR image on a forum and received this response: Nice shot, but it just looks like an over-sharpened photographed.

Hey! Photography is very subjective, and everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.  – Rick Sammon


One Response to “Rant of the week: Art is subjective”

  1. Rick I think you are talking about the same forum we are on. To me I look at what others do and if it moves me I comment or if some one says what do you think I will give an honest opinion of how I see it but I do try and keep it constructive. You and both have helped different members on OE with camera and technique issues and we both have been thanked. Unfortunately many of the old members have drifted away and the fun times seem to have gone with them. No projects or weekly photo challenges but that is life. Good point and I see it all of the time on the site which does no good and alienates many would be posters asking for help. See you later Mike M from OE

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