Tip Thursday:Old hat

I took this photo several years ago with my then new Canon G2 I have since given it to my nephews wife and she has taken numerous photos of their motorcycle adventures.

I was experimenting with natural light and low light during this time. I waiting to go to work and tossed my old summer straw hat on the chair. The early morning light was just gorgeous. I exposed for the highlights so as to not blow them out and let the shadows fall where they did. Exposure was f2.8 at 1/30th of a sec. ISO 100 I believe. The tip is to never be in to big of a hurry. Stop and see the light. Always have a camera handy. Every time I am asked what is the best camera, to use. I reply the one you have when you need it.

Light is all around us. Photo opportunities are endless. Keep your eyes open and see don’t just look.


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