Photo Friday: Crossroads store

I was on a Ms. back roads trip driving down Fisher ferry road, when I came upon this old store. Located just southeast of Vicksburg.Click the photo for a larger version

It reminded me of so many country stores from my youth. Then every little community had a store within walking distance. Ours was on Hwy 17 and owned by Mr. Alton Payne.

I can just imagine going in this store and getting a Nehi orange crush or an RC cola, right out of the ice-cold water. That and a stage plank or moon pie cookie would be a treat on a hot summer afternoon.

There was 5 or 6 of us boys that road bicycles together. We would pick up enough empty soda bottles to pay for our drinks and cookies and maybe a pack of BB’s. Mr. Payne had a deep covered porch where the cars could pull under to get gas, the gravel was covered with old soda pop tops. He had a sign that said ” Come on in its KOOL inside”. he had the place AC’d by the 60’s.

To many of these community stores have gone away to be replaced by larger chains in the larger towns, now that every one has cars. But back then they filled a need stocked with every necessity of every day rural life.

I can see this store with a dusty dirt road in front, some old cars at the gas pumps a few old men sitting and talking about the weather and us kids on the steps with a cookie and an ice-cold soda.

As we were leaving a young man drove up and said the store was 130 years old and was being re-opened soon. I hope so maybe I will have a moon pie and a soda there someday.
This is a 3 exposure HDR combined in Photomatix Pro 3, Nik filters Tonal contrast and Topaz adjust 4

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