Tip Thursday: Another guide to flower photography

OK, since the flowers are in bloom I am providing a link to a  download. It is a 55 page ebook on wildflower photography and how to use photoshop. The book is $12.95 and well worth it.

Digital wildflower photography

Download the whole book

Plus this site is an excellent source of photography information


Enjoy, and happy learning

Now for my tip of the week It’s not about the gear. Sometimes I get so tired of the people who want to put you down or look down those long noses because you don’t have the latest or greatest gear. You know the kind that look like a walking advertisement for whichever camera they use.

It is about the craft and the art not what you used to create it. There is an old saying in the hunting/shooting world ” Beware the man with one gun, he knows how to use it” These days people change cameras faster than I change socks. They never take the time to truly learn  their camera. I call it the disposable age. No longer do we use zippo lighters, Gillette razors or any of the old tools. It is all one time use and throw it away.

I think most should put down the catalogs and magazines, turn of the computer. Pick up your camera and whatever lens is on it. Go out and just shoot, and shoot and shoot. Don’t post it, print it or share it. Just look at it, keep doing this till YOU are happy with your work.

Make the camera an old friend you can work with your eyes closed. When I was a professional 3D archer we did just that. We would stand 10 feet from a large target draw and aim the bow, then close our eyes. We would release the arrow and try to learn what the perfect launch felt like.

That is what you want in your photography when you quit thinking and just do. It becomes automatic to compose, see the light and know the exposure.

It is not the gear it’s what is between the ears

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