Beth and I took another road trip last week. We went to Natchez then down 61 to turn off on Dolorosa rd just past the Homochitto river. Then we go on the Beaver creek rd

Click photos for larger version

Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek

Beaver creek

This would have been a great place for a Ural

Beaver Creek rd

Now you see why I want a Ural


So a lot of these flowers. Took the back way into Woodville.

Oldest store in Woodville

Tire shop

Watched them change a tire

weight and fortune

Used to have one of these on Prairie street in Winnsboro

Woodville street

Nice cafe and antique shop.

We then left Woodville on Pinckneyville rd to Clarks creek natural area. On the way we stopped at the pond store

Pond store

Pond cabins

Pond store

Then we rode on to Clarks creek but we didn’t make it down to the creek

Clarks creek rd

This would be another nice Ural rd.

we then rode into St Francisville, La. and went to Audubon state park. There we were greeted by Gus the turkey


Met the catsToured the grounds

Oakley house

Formal garden

Had a picnic lunch then went back to St. Francisville

Stay tuned for part 2


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