Tip Thursday: Keep it clean

Todays tip is about keeping your equipment clean. It is very important to keep the dirt and dust off the lens and the camera but do you know how?

Use a blower bulb or a can of compressed air to blow the dust off the outside then I use a Wet One or similar cleaning cloth to gently clean the outside. Remember dust scratches so if you go at it without blowing it off first you will get scratches.

To clean the lens, first blow it off also, then put a small amount of cleaning fluid on a lens cloth(not on the lens) and starting at the center gently wipe it in a circular motion to the outside. If it is an interchangeable lens do not forget the back element.

That is about all you have to do for a P&S but for an SLR there are others.

use you bulb to blow out the mirror box while the lens is off. Then use a product such as the Arctic butterfly to clean the sensor. Be sure the camera is turned off when you change lenses as the sensor is electrically charged when on and becomes a dust magnet. Change the lenses quickly and in as dust free enviroment as possible.

Another area of concern is camera bags. they collect a lot of dust and dirt. Blow them out, vacuum them and clean the exterior and interior. This will go a long ways in keeping your camera clean and a safe enviroment for it

Keep it clean keep the lens caps on and it will last a long time.


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