Roadtrip: Vicksburg

Beth and I took a trip to Vicksburg, Saturday. We had a great time despite the rain. First stop early that morning was the little town of Delta, La. to visit all that remains of Grant’s canal. Breakfast was a whole wheat bagel with strawberry cream cheese.

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This is the monument to the workers on the canalAll that remains of the canalThen we went on to Vicksburg and stopped at Navy circle just above the visitor center on Washington st.

In all my years of visiting Vicksburg I had never caught a barge going under the bridge. I just wish it had been a better day. This is the closed old Hwy 80 bridgeHere is a cannon view of the bridge.We got caught in the rain when on the hill street section of Washington st. It still has brick paving.We went down under the hill and found a farmers market.I bought a cabbage from this vendor. A very nice lady that would not let me take her photo.There was every kind of vegetable you wanted.We stopped at the old courthouse and I saw this confederate ghost.At the park they had a cannon firing demo and a very well informed narrator.I didn’t take many park photos as the weather was horrid. I did take this one of the Yazoo river delta and the USS Cairo display below.I will have some more photos in HDR and even two panoramas later in another post.


One Response to “Roadtrip: Vicksburg”

  1. Tom Oliver Says:

    I remember crossing that old bridge in the 60’s. We had a 24′ boat that we used to take to the Gulf. You had to cross very slow due to the width when meeting semi’s. I remember dad having to pull in the mirrors on the truck as we passed other vehicles.

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