Photo Friday: Night Heron

I was at Lake Martin last Tuesday. It is one of the premier wading bird nesting sites in the country. Located between Lafayette and Breaux Bridge, La. There are plenty of places to stay.

Maison Madeleine is a B&B right on the road around the lake. If you want to stay in an authentic cajun enviroment it is highly recommended.

I stayed in the Bayou Cabins B&B in Breaux bridge. It is only a few miles from the lake. It is also just down the street from one of the finest seafood restaurants you will ever experience. Mulates was a very good place for seafood. The live cajun music and dancing was a treat.

Anyway I was walking the road around the south end of the lake including walking the boardwalk. I must say that at this time it was actually too late for the nesting birds but since I was close I came anyway. Not expecting to see much I figured it would be a nice walk and only took the 70-200 f4 lens. This is the older Non-IS Canon lens.

To my surprise I saw a Black crowned Night Heron on a tree limb. I had time for one shot. The camera was set to f4 and ISO 400 so the shot resulted in a shutterspeed of 1/125th of a second. Kind of slow for this lens at 200. I took a deep breath, tucked my arms in tight, doing all I could to minimize movement. I slowly pressed the shutter. he flew off. Did I get the shot? You be the judge.

Click photo for a larger version

I have never seen one let alone photographed one. It was a great day that ended like this.

Click photo to see a larger version

If you want spectacular cypress/tupelo swamp and great bird photography go to Lake Martin in April or May


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