Tech Tuesday: Lightroom plugin intergration

I find myself using Lightroom for more and more of my daily photo editing. It is just so easy to import the RAW files, keyword, organize and edit them right there. Now, with the introduction of Lightroom 3 I do probably 80-85% of my editing there. The only time I use photoshop is for my heavy editing, compositing or for using my many plug-ins.

Now many are becoming compatible with Lightroom. First it was the wonderful Nik filters, Photomatix and now finally Topaz Labs. I use Topaz Adjust for quite a few photos and it was always tedious to open Photoshop just to use Topaz. Now it integrates right from Lightroom. It is not as easy as Nik filters or Photomatix, you must first download a free intergrator from Topaz called Topaz Fusion Express. The process is not hard but you must read and follow the extremely well written instructions.

If you use Lightroom, or Aperture and Topaz you should try Fusion.

As I wrote this I just found out the excellent product Portraiture 2 is also available as a Lightroom plug in. This is an excellent program for working on skin tones and smoothing imperfections. I just downloaded it and can attest to the fact that it integrates very reliably and works fast.

If you don’t do a lot of cloning and need multiple layers Lightroom and the addition of plugins means it does most of the things photographers need


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