You don’t think a few illegal aliens mean anything

Then watch this video

Sound familiar> remember the blacks in the 60-70’s and they HAVE taken over. White people don’t have many children and our numbers are going down, We are not the majority anymore


2 Responses to “You don’t think a few illegal aliens mean anything”

  1. TexIndian Says:

    Reminds me of when us Injuns let a few white devils in. We all know how that worked out.

    There would surely be hell to pay if the Mexicans started some kind of uprising. With 12-20 million illegals here already, even if only 1% of them were involved it would be like having several divisions of enemy troops spread throughout our towns and states. And if their drug wars give us any indication of the kind of tactics and methods they’d use, it would be just as bad as being invaded by Arab terrorists. Savages in other words.

    • bayouphoto Says:

      As far as I am concerned the native American is the only one with a legitimate beef. I don’t see them trying this crap in Mexico

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