Championship tour

I had the honor of seeing and photographing something that since 1967 I never thought would happen. A New Orleans Saints super bowl trophy.

The organization is taking the display on a wide tour of the Gulf south. The first stop was the Civic center in Monroe, La. My sister Linda and I went to see it.I have to commend the organizers for going all out and providing a full experience for the viewers. There was entertainment for the kids.A display for 2010 Hall of Fame inductee Ricky JacksonThe Ring displaySuper Bowl memorabiliaSome of the Saintsation cheerleadersAnd of course the main attractionIt was a great day and an experience I will cherish forever. I was very surprised and humbled by the respect and reverence I saw displayed. No running, shouting, pushing or shoving. Fathers talking to kids and telling them what it meant. One father told his son “This is history” Everyone was so appreciative and just glad to get a chance to view it. One man in a wheelchair said he didn’t think he would ever get the chance. I personally thank everyone involved in organizing this event


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