Old versus new

The city park in Delhi, La. is a place of marked contrast. You first have playground equipment from at least the ’60’s and then you have the newer, plastic, colorful junk. The old metal stuff I first remember playing on in the mid ’60’s. You know the type, the old merry go round, the metal monkey bars and such.

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Some of the new plastic junk is already coming apart. It will never last 40 or 50 years. I wonder how many little hands and butts it took to get the smooth finish on that metal. None of it is rusted so it is still in use. When I was a kid every park, playground, or school yard, had see-saws, monkey bars,


and a slide.

But to city planners the new colorful plastic junk makes it seem more appealing. However, if you go by you will see the kids still on the old metal equipment. The Delhi city park is on the side of US Hwy 80 another timeless wonder, from another time, that refuses to go away. Replaced by a new shiny interstate. Charles Kuralt said ” Interstates give you the ability to go coast to coast, and see nothing.” It is like this new versus old in the playground. New shiny plastic fast Gee Whiz or the old slower time-tested fun.

It is a sign of the times, nothing is built to last. I call it the “disposable age”. We have become a throw away society. It started with the Bic lighter. Now, no one carries a 20 year old pocket knife, or uses an old Zippo lighter. Real razors are passe replaced by the plastic, one use, throw away. Maybe we should go back to metal and steel designed to last a lifetime and forget the plastic disposable.

One Response to “Old versus new”

  1. I love that slide. When I was a kid, there was just something so thrilling about going through that tunnel at the top. So glad I grew up in the era I did rather than the disposable era of today.

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