Planning a trip

I remember way back when(Pre Bill Gates) when planning a trip involved no more that getting out the state highway maps. Then came the Road Atlas and all was fine. Now, the wealth of info is staggering.

I have been planning photography road trips for awhile now, taking advantage of back roads to maximize photo opportunities. Now I am planning a big trip to the Smoky Mountains and surrounding areas.

The first thing I use is Google maps using the options to avoid major highways. Then I used the individual attractions websites. Such as The Cherohala skyway. The Nantahala national forest , Pisgah national forest. By typing in an area you can search for any information. I love scenic drives and use this site a lot. American byways. I also searched for waterfalls since I knew the area was covered in them , Waterfalls

Do your research, plan your route, be flexible. I even checked the times for the Fall color. If you are going on a trip, have a computer and internet there is no reason not to be informed

Other links.

National park service

Yahoo maps


Motorcycle roads

American road magazine

North Carolina and surrounding states waterfalls


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