Photo Friday: Johny Day

Today I do something different. I am featuring the work of my internet friend, Johny Day. I met Johny through his Flickr account.

Anyone that knows me knows of my love for American history and especially the time period from 1750 to 1840 which covers the French and Indian wars to the fur trade era of the Mountain Men.

It started with hokey TV shows like Daniel Boone, continued with books from Zane Grey on men like Lewis Wetzel, Jonathan and Ebenezer Zane, Hugh Glass and Jim Bridger. Later it was The Frontiersman, Panther in the sky, From sea to shining sea and the tales of Titus Bass.

I watched over and over the movie The Mountain men and then my all time favorite, The last of the Mohicans along with The Patriot.

My heroes were men like Simon Kenton, Boone, George Rogers Clark, Tecumseh, Hawkeye, Chingotchgook, Titus Bass, Jim Bridger, Jim Colter, Hugh Glass, Corn Planter, Half King and Pipe.

What, you ask, does all this have to do with a photo Friday? Because Johny Day is one of the finest photographers of Native Americans I have found. He captures the true spirit and soul of the First Nation people. Living in Quebec, Canada he is able to photograph the First Nation people in their finest.

The first two are Mohawks, the third are Ojibwa(Chippewa) and Cree and the last is Thomas Clair a  Mikmaq (Thanks Johny for the clarification)

His photography, ideas and post processing combine to make a visual record of these People.

This is perhaps one of the finest portraits I have ever seen. It is the essence of an Algonquin, whether Huron, Ottowa, Abenaki, Sauk or Fox and the Iroqoius tribes like Mohawk




6 Responses to “Photo Friday: Johny Day”

  1. He does outstanding work. Mike is part Indian, Cherokee in fact. His mother was Cherokee.

  2. Johny Day Says:

    Thank you for blogging my work on our First Nations

    On the 1st and second photo the Natives are Mohawks .

    On the third pic they are Ojibwe and Cree ,

    Finally on the last but my most popular photo of any Natives is Thomas Clair , a Mikmaq

  3. Whitefeather A.K.A-Alan H Says:

    I’m glad that I have met Johny Day and call him my friend!! He has a true eye for art and for our First nation people of turtle island! I’m in the shot with the 4 in the sunset. I’m with the tradational regalia. Thanks Johny for doing the shoot!

  4. You knew I would love these.They are probably the most authentic looking Native shots I have ever seen. I will definitely be studying his work between now and September when I go to Oklahoma with Mama. What a great photographer. You know my son-in-law, Josh and grandaughter, Josie are both registered Cherokee.

  5. Wow wonderful photos and such pride and keeping of tradition. More of this is needed in this word and our country. Rick thanks for sharing.

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