Tech Tuesday: Sensor cleaning

If you use a digital camera, with an interchangeable lens you probably have incurred dust specks on the sensor. The sensor is electrostaticly charged and attracts dust like a magnet. You can see it best when shooting against a plain background, such as sky at large apertures such as f16. If you want to test your camera shoot a plain, well-lit, white wall at f16 then view the photo on your camera. You will be surprised at the specks.

The first thin g you can do is to minimize the chance of dust. Only change lenses when there is no wind to blow dust, and point the camera down to change. Turn the camera off as the sensor is then not charged.

But what do you do once you get specks? Read this rather lengthy article on the subject.

Sensor cleaning

What do I do? I use the Rocket air blower and the swab and chemical method

I hope this helps you. If it did leave a comment.

One Response to “Tech Tuesday: Sensor cleaning”

  1. beth meadows Says:

    I have been wondering about this, but was not sure how to tell if I needed to clean mine. Thanks.

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